Piano Rental Policies

Most rentals go super smooth. To keep things that way, here are a few things to know to keep us all out of the weeds:

Piano Rental Policies

* A deposit or 'payment in full' is required to secure a piano unless other arrangements have been agreed to in advance.

* Delivery/set up times are according to an agreed time 'window'. We usually make a load-in time within a 30 minute window.

* Tuning is performed on grand pianos at the time of the load-in. Second tunings (AKA “touch-ups”) are available and must be booked in advance. Day of show requests for a second tuning will be booked at regular tuning price.

* Renter is responsible for any damage acquired to piano while in renter's posession.

* Load-out is normally done after the event before midnight. Events that end after midnight will be picked up the next morning or invoiced at additional charge.

We look forward to working with you!

Bil Cusack

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