Our piano company was started as a tuning service in
1982 by Bil Cusack.



Bil began performing on stage at 11 years of age in Chicago. His first band headlined the Emmet Music Festival in the mid 1960's. He began playing the piano for a living in 1973. Working major hotels and resorts in Texas, California, Michigan, Colorado, and Georgia.


Training as an apprentice piano technician for Mr. S.R. Lynn at the great Houston Piano Company started in 1980. After completing a 2 year training period, he became a piano tuner serving fellow professional musicians in Houston. Concert work began almost immediately, with college and university music departments following. Home service now going to the grand children of our original families.​​

Other Roles In Music

Bil has been a piano importer/exporter, piano instructor, trained new piano technicians, put pianos in nearly every major building in Houston.

Do you have a piano challenge? Not if you know BIl Cusack!