Piano Services

Piano Tuning and Maintenance $125.00
From Twang to ahhhhh in one visit. All home pianos need maintenance a minimum of once yearly. That means tuning, cleaning, felt maintenance, and all those little adjustments in the action that make a difference you can FEEL. Our expert technicians do it right. We tune exclusively to Concert pitch, A-440. Visit includes full inspection, real piano improvement! $110.00 Radical pitch raise double tuning: $125-$150.00

Pianos found to be flat to A-440 pitch are raised to the correct level, tuned and stabilized at the correct pitch. Don't de-tune your ears, call Tune America-Pianos From Party Animals to set an appointment with a craftsman piano-man!

Piano Moving $129.00 and up
Don't risk damage to your piano, property, or your back! The ONLY way to move a piano is the professional way. That's with our experienced moving team. Piano moves are ALL we do, and there is a special discount when we do the tuning after delivery. We safely move pianos across the room or across Texas. We also assume responsibility for your instrument as long as it is in our possession.. You're covered!

Piano/Guitar Lessons $79./mo.(in advance)
Weekly lessons for children and adults at our studios in Northwest Houston. Lesson times are generally 4-7pm Monday - Thursdays. Beginners to returnees. our instructors will guide you to success on piano or guitar. Music is fun - Music you play is much more fun!

Piano Restoration $3000. - $6000. and up
The piano is the original "durable goods". A well-built instrument will often give 50-60 years of service before a serious overhaul is needed. Don't you wish you could say that about your car? Call us to find out how you can bring Grandma's piano back up to par. The great-great-great grand kids will love you for it.

Restring, soundboard repair, action rebuilding, refinishing, re plating hardware, the old piano is restored to "like new" condition, usually at less than the cost of it's new equivalent.

Piano refinishing starting at $1295.00
Keep that family heirloom from becoming the family albatross with a beautiful new finish from Party Animals! Small or large, upright or grand. We specialize in satin wood tone finishes, but will quote other types (ebony polish, etc.)

Presto-Digitation $2420.00
Antique pianos sure look gorgeous don't they? But most of them sound and play awful! Get the best of both worlds with a Presto-Digitation installation from Party Animals. We take your beautiful piano and gut the stinking rotted mess that is now its guts and replace them with a new digital keyboard. We hide the speakers and control panel, and when we return it, wow better than ever! This operation takes 3-4 weeks and requires a 50% deposit upon pickup of the piano. English pianos our specialty!