Our Pianos

Our Piano Makers!

We proudly feature the following brands and models of new pianos at PFPA. We search the world to bring you’re the best instruments your money can buy.

These models are from manufactures we represent in Houston . Selection is not limited to these pianos; at any time we have a strong variety of instruments available from different makers, both new and used.

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Grand Pianos

Grand Pianos

No home is complete without a beautiful grand piano in a conspicuous place. It says volumes about you without YOU ever saying anything. Ask any decorator, they LOVE pianos. Where do baby grand pianos come from?
Pianos From Party Animals of course…

Vertical Pianos

Vertical Pianos

Quality does not have to be expensive. Our selection of beautiful pianos by Samick, Kohler, and Hazelton Bros proves it. From the great looking American-designer consoles to the Studio-sized uprights, it's your choice of finish and style. Whatever you choose, count on years of beautiful music in your home, and a legacy to your grandchildren!

Apartment Pianos

Apartments (Digitals)

The latest thing in electronic pianos, from our friends at Casio - The new Celviano line. Very exciting new models will make your musical fantasy a reality! The full featured AP-45 about $42./Month.

Disc Player Pianos

Disc Playing baby Grands

Don't you just love those pianos you see playing themselves?
Hotels, airports, even in the supermarket! I like it' cause many of those pianos are ours!