Online Services

To better serve our customers we have a wide variety of Services to choose from. In addition to these online services we also offer Financial Services as well, from making payments online to applying for credit.

Rent a Piano

Everyone has their own reason to rent. For some it's just not being ready to make the financial commitment to own a piano, others don't want to tie up their credit, or maybe you'll be in town only a short time.

  • Home Rental
  • Event/Concert Rental
  • Commercial Lease
  • Home Rental

Buy Now!

If you are ready to PURCHASE this instrument, call us at 713.937.9213, or email us through the “contact us” link on the front page. Include your full name and phone numbers in your email (paste copy from the piano you want helps a lot). All your questions will be answered, and you will be wise beyond your friends’ imaginations (from talking to us). OWNING this piano will make you happy beyond… well, you get the picture.

We buy Used Pianos

We will pay cash money for that piano in your house (you know, the one you've been dusting the past 5 years?), haul it off, clean it up, tune it up, get it in letter perfect condition for it's next owner... Call us or write us and include these three things:

Out of Town Buyer?

See something you like? Want it in your home/business/school/church? It does not get easier...Call and talk to a real LIVE person (probably Bil or Rita, the owners). We will answer your questions, get your information, and have your piano to you in 2-5 days (in most cases).