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Samick JS-118
Samick JS-118

The JS-118 series is a full 46 1/2" studio piano combining performance and beauty. This series features superb German scaling wrapped in elegant American decorator cabinets. Every detail exudes quality from the lavish use of tone escapement to the double beveled tops and sculpted bottom boards. Like all Samick verticals, the JS-118 utilizes full-length keys and satin-finished sharps for a concert quality feel. Rental Return Special: One only; save thousands on this beautiful home studio piano, loaded with extra craftmanship and technical features,

Great Cash Deal $3415.40
Rent To Own $121.63 Per Month

SamickWhy choose Samick?
The selection of a new piano is a wonderful addition to your home or studio and the selection of a Samick piano is a wise choice. Their beautiful tone, the correct touch and the timeless beauty of cabinetry has made Samick the piano of choice.

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