Bil & Rita Cusack

Bil & Rita CusackRemember the Mom & Pop shops from the days of yore? Well, yore looking at one now! Often thought of as a thing of the past, WE are still here. Makes you wonder how we can compete with the corporate stores. Glad you asked

Well, we use our vast experience (30+ years, professional musician, 24+ years, piano technician), to help create a fit between our customers and our pianos. Many folks are first time buyers, and we understand the anxiety piano shopping can bring. We explode the myths, expose the gimmicks, and focus on what matters to you. The main one: In one year, will you look at that purchase and smile, or wish you had bought something different?
We work for your smile.



You'll love it; the process is easy and affordable. Almost anyone can acquire a satisfying instrument and become a piano owner with our Rent-To-Own plan. Want the largest possible savings? Use cash or credit card to pay in full.

Our piano company was started as a tuning service in 1982 by Houstonians Rita and Bil Cusack. Over the years, the Cusacks have added and trained a strong staff in rebuilding, refinishing, renting, hauling, and selling pianos from American makers and Asian builders like Samick, and Yamaha.

Bil Cusack began performing on stage at 11 years old in Chicago. His first band headlined the Emmet Music Festival in the mid 1960's.He began playing the piano for a living in 1973. Working major hotels and resorts in Texas, California, Michigan, Colorado, and Georgia. Training as an apprentice piano technician for Mr. S.R. Lynn at the great Houston Piano Company started in 1980. After completing a 2 year training period, he became a piano tuner serving fellow professional musicians in Houston. Growth and demand for good pianos at fair prices fueled our expansion, until we became “Everything Piano”.

Besides supplying families and business with terrific pianos, Bil supplies pianos to the stars. That's right, our pianos are enjoyed by thousands on concert stages in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and across the Southwest United States. Recent events: The Super Bowl, KLTY Freedom Festival (Dallas), Little Richard, Dr. John, Patti LaBelle, Lyle Lovett, Michael W. Smith and Al Green.

Rita Cusack holds a BS degree in education from the University of Houston, and has a 15 year background as a teacher and Montessori instructor. Listening is something she is very good at, and this is why she is so effective in placing pianos. The biggest reason she's so good at her job? She cares.

You pay our expenses, so we work to keep em low. Our location is easy to get to, but not on the main highway (saves on rent). No commission sales people, that saves you money and obnoxious high-pressure tactics. Those huge newspaper ads? We don't want you paying for those either! We use the Web, small Yellow Pages, and referrals from satisfied customers to create more business. Please do us a favor and tell a friend...

Rita and Bil have worked hard to build a reputation in the community and we appreciate the arts organizations who call on us, as well as the hundreds of churches, schools, and families we serve. We don't send your money to corporate headquarters in California, it stays here in Texas opening new schools, building roads, and (in general)keeping the lights on.

Thanks for considering PIANOS from Party Animals.

Bil and Rita

Our Business hours are

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday Closed
All time in Central Standard Time

Special showing avaiable by appointment. 1. 713.937.9213